Book Review Death in Winter – Star Trek Part 1

Book Review Death in Winter – Star Trek Part 1

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Title: Death in Winter – Star Trek

Author: Michael Jan Friedman

Publish Date: 2005

Publisher: Pocket Books

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Armed Conflict, Traitors, Assassination, Space Travel, Spaceships, Alien Encounters, Romulans, Vulcans, Disruptors, Phasers, Advanced Medicine, Advanced Weapons, Shields, Galactic Empires, Romance, Penal Colonies, Prison, Starfleet Command, Genetics, Transports, Plagues, Oppression, Alien Worlds, Martial Arts, Spies, Castes, Politics, Tactics, Strategy

Plot Summary:

Dr. Beverly Crusher has been sent on a mission to the Romulan side of the Neutral Zone where the home world of the Keratins is being decimated by a plague that the Romulans are unwilling to devise a cure for. Shortly after her arrival, her disguise and cover is blown and she is captured, and then imprisoned as an enemy of the Romulan Empire.

Once Starfleet Command hears of Beverly’s disappearance, a second team is sent to the Kevratan planet with orders to develop and distribute a vaccine for the plague and gain their trust. The team sent consists of a group of Starfleet personnel that had served together on the starship Stargazer under Captain Picard, all especially suited for the clandestine operation assigned.

They make their way easily to their destination and find themselves in the home of a Centurion that had been an integral part of the defection of more than fifty Romulans to the Federation.

Unknown to Picard or his associates, the Romulan has been compromised and has led them into a trap by their long ago foe, Sela. When their ‘host’ leaves to make contact with the local underground, Picard gets nervous and they make it out just before a Romulan squad arrives to take them into custody.

Now, Picard and his team is on the run and they must find the Kevratan underground on their own. It is the only way to be able to develop a cure for the deadly plague and then allow them to go in search of Beverly and rescue her from Sela’s grasp before she is tortured and ultimately killed…



The Romulan Empire is on the brink of civil war. Tal’aura, the current Praetor of the Empire, is being challenged by a popular general on Romulus and he’s becoming distinctly more vocal about his distaste for the current government. He blames her directly for the rebellion building in the outer colony worlds such as Kevratas.

The military fleet has been divided between their loyalty to the Praetor and those loyal to the General. In an effort to maintain her hold on the outlying worlds, the Praetor dispatches a spy to Kevrates to keep her apprised of events happening there.

Meanwhile, the Federation has dispatched Dr. Beverly Crusher in response to a plea by the Kevratans.