Everything You Need to Know About Ethan of Athos Part 2

Everything You Need to Know About Ethan of Athos Part 2

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But then, she is only one of many that seem to have their eyes and attention focused on Athos. But what is it about Athos that makes it so interesting to so many? With all that intense scrutiny towards his home, Ethan has no idea just what kind of firestorm he had walked into the middle of…


Right off, this book is not a novel about homosexuality. The novel begins the first chapter by exploring the sexuality of the residents of the planet Athos, then the author moves along quickly into the meat of the potentially fatal predicament they are facing. After making it through the first chapter, you’ll be treated to a well-conceived and thought-out plotline that allows you to empathize with the plights of the various characters, and allowing you to envision the various settings and events.

The action is well-paced and although some of it is somewhat predictable, the way the author portrays them is unique and interesting.

All in all, this is a very pleasant read, allowing you to understand how the world of only men could survive at all without women, and still give a woman’s perspective of a man’s world through the eyes and actions of the heroine, Elli Quinn.

Elli and Ethan are an unusual pairing of hero and heroine that gives this particular novel an opportunity for the reader to imagine that Ethan will turn from his beliefs regarding woman and actually become involved with his new ‘partner’. Any book that can get the reader rooting for a liaison as such is a testament to the writer’s ability to get the readers involved in the story.

Yes, there are spelling and grammar errors, but they’re not so bad as to prevent you from enjoying the novel as a unique perspective into alternative lifestyles. Take a chance on this one and you’ll be rewarded with an action-packed experience rivaling some of the great Science Fiction writers of the time!


Even though there is sexual contact between members of the same sex referred to, it is not a major component of the novel and the author is very tactful in how she presents those interactions, or the reasoning behind them.

The author has given depth and believably to her characters and the events that take place. Even the locations are easy to visualize with the attention she has paid to even the smallest of details.

The storyline flows very smoothly and transitions from scene to scene, regardless of its actual location, without so much as a hiccup to the reader.


Even though the author treats the homosexuality of the residents of Athos with great care, the opening pages of the book may turn off some readers since sexual habits of the inhabitants are covered quite a bit and gives the reader the idea that the book is focused on that topic.

The scenes and events are crafted with great care by the author, however, she does tend to telegraph many of the events a little too much, taking away some of the suspense and intrigue, leaving little to actually surprise the reader as the expected twist comes to fruition.

There are several instances of improper grammar and spelling errors that cause reading glitches, bringing the story to a roller coaster-type of feel at times.