Ten Top Risks Of Essay Writing Topics

Ten Top Risks Of Essay Writing Topics

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she is writing Easy Rules Of Essay Writing

*If your special education or 504 students are allowed supplemental aids on the STAAR writing test, they must be blank. I have included blank copies of all organizers with words and pictures removed. Be sure to check with your administration prior to providing this accommodation and be sure that it is documented in the student’s paperwork.

*A teacher’s guide is included that explains the process and how to use the organizers. Photos of the organizers in use are also included.

*Download the preview to try before you buy to make sure this product meets your needs. The preview includes the full product, however it is watermarked and there are 4 pages tiled on each page. The full download is a PDF document that includes 17 pages.

The purpose of this set of graphic organizers is to help all students be successful on the 4th grade STAAR writing test by breaking the process down into manageable chunks. The organizers can be used with all students, but they were specifically created for struggling writers to provide a visual process and clear structure for students to follow as they write. This makes the task of writing to a prompt manageable. As students work with the graphic organizers each time they write an essay, they begin to internalize the process. Eventually they will be able to create the organizers on their own as they prepare to ace the test! Struggling students who successfully work through the organizers to create an essay can usually score a 2. To bump your students to 3s and 4s, you will need to teach additional lessons on elaboration, powerful language, and conventions.

*Model each step of the process. Before asking students to complete a task, show them how to do it. Continue to do this every time you write a new essay. They need to see how the writing process works in action.

*Make an anchor chart to show how to use the organizers sequentially through the writing process. Display this in the room so that students know what is coming next.

*The graphic organizers work for any expository prompt, so make lots of blank copies for students to use as they work through the process. Keep them in a location for students to access.

*Organizers WITHOUT words and pictures are included so that students who qualify for accommodations on the STAAR test can use the organizers on district benchmarks and on test day. Note that this must be part of a child’s special education or 504 paperwork for use on the test. Always check with your administrators and the test manual for specific information regarding supplemental aides.